The Apple of His Eye.


I may be what I am


I am the child of the greatest thinker

More than Aristole

More than Carl Marx

More than Voltaire

The wisest philosopher.

I am the child of the most fabulous artist

More than Da Vinci

More than Picasso

He is the most precious

His colours the most powerful.

I am the child of the greatest writer

More than Kipling

More than Shakespeare

More than Leopold Senghor

He is the greatest poet I have ever known.

But most of all,

I am the child

Of the greatest creator

Greater than nature

Even greater than the humans we are.


Way greater than that.

Yes, I am.

I may be the human that I am

But I am proud to be his child,

Proud to be

The apple of his eye.

Dedicated to my God, my creator who I know so well.

All my love SunBird.