What do Humans Write About?

What do humans write about?

What consumes a
human’s mind?

What fertilizes an
inner eye?

What can one sees as
they look out

With the eyes of
their inne self?

What do humans write

Of course, the
feelings in their hearts,

But with an inner

They see the divinity
within all creations

 They see it rise.

A beauty which moves
us to write!

Man may be the
greatest creation of God,

But anything that has
the power the uplift man is divine

For it is that divine

Which makes us

A divine beauty

Which gives us

A divine beauty

Which touches the
very self.

What does this human
write about?

It is very simple,

I write about the
‘lovely touch’ of life.

For with my inner

I discover the
beauty, that moves me to write.

-The reason why I write- Honestly Yours, SunBird.