About Me.


Hey there friends, I am Yann W. Tanoé, collectively known by many across my artistic, humanitarian  platform as ‘The SunBird’. I welcome you to my concept page for the ‘Four Spoken Truths’. To me, writing is an art crafted with the colour palette of experiences, spirituality and life lessons (to mention but a few). I began writing poetry, thoughts and general prose in French (my first language) at the age of 12 in order to make sense of the world around me. Ever since I can remember, have been at the crossroad of three bustling worlds, continents and cultures (West Africa, Europe and the Middle East – the lands of my ancestry). This wealth of colour, spontaneity, shades, aromas, conceptions and cultures all fused in one and shaped my philosophy of life  and distinctive ‘style’ of writing.

Taken from my Poetic Opus, 'Beautiful World'.
Taken from my Poetic Opus, ‘Beautiful World’.

My travels and special encounters with beautiful people around the world have also  greatly fuelled my imagination. The greatest inspiration for my work, however has come through OYOMIFAI, ‘I am Happy’ my emerging social enterprise which has the mission to create and promotes my bespoke motivational curriculums and alternative education initiatives in Western Africa. As a result, I dedicate my poetry and thoughts to my children in Africa. My mission is  to raise positive awareness of Africa, Africans, its diaspora and the black human experience world wide.

My true life mission and calling.
My true life mission and calling.

I believe that art in all its many forms is deeply spiritual and spirit led. I do not label myself a poet, a writer or a performer. I am simply a humanist who wishes to share consciousness, truth and positive spirit through my heartfelt ‘art’ and life changing experiences acquired around the world. I hope that you will join me soon in order to put this project together and to raise positive awareness through our experiences as souls of African descent.

Love and Blessings.


Will, courage, compassion.



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