Black Minds (What if)

I wonder what the black man’s mind would be,
If he didn’t have to straighten the disturbing kinks of his act, his speech, his views, his way to think
If he wasn’t (still) slave to the need to conform to
others’ ways
If he wasn’t scared by the whip of blame –
Worried of passing on (his genes)
His burden, every time he ‘came’ –
If he wasn’t haunted by his very own name
The “NIGGER” whom to many he remains –
If he wasn’t thinking of shackles (depravation)
Eating the meagre grains of oppression –
If he wasn’t armed with the spear of constant strength
Having to rip, hurt and build his muscles for self-defence
For his burden to fit on his black back- held by sturdy hands. –
If he wasn’t Playing the drum of social change,
Singing the same song of equality –
If he didn’t (still) have to be Luther King
But His only reality lying within wet dreams

Which he would almost always never live to see –
Yes, my brothers,
I really wonder what our true reflection would be
If we didn’t have to consider all of this –
If our minds wasn’t bound
By the outer colour of our skins.

Yann W. Tanoé


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