Taught to ‘think’.


Taught to think.

We are born then raised

Natured or nurtured

Socialised or Assimilated

Individualised or categorised.

I guess there is nothing wrong with that.
The world has to make something of us.
We have to fit in somewhere, somehow.

The concept of thinking is a human signature. We were born to think.
Born to make sense of the world by using this very process.

Teach me to think, how to use my brain to make sense of this world.
To go beyond what I can see at the tip of my nose.

Teach me to analyse, to explore, examine,
To rationalise, to contrast, to infer to synthesize.

Teach me to self actualise intellectually.

Teach me how to think.
But dont tell me

To think.

LOve From SunBird.


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