‘A Wombing Mind’


In My Wombing Mind,
The seed of a concept was planted.
Its beginning, begun existing.
In the fluid of my mind,
It was conceived.
In the stillness of my mind,
It was reared.

In the sea of my mind,
It was fed by shoals of memories,
My teachings and past wisdom lived,
My intellect giving it all its needs.

In my mind’s self,
It grew larger and larger.
Until, came the wondrous birth…

The contraction in my brain
Gently pushed, pushed, pushed
My eyes squinted, my gaze tightened,
My arm moved, picked up a pen
And with the expression of this ink
At my fingertips,
My baby, my thought, my concept
Was born. It came to be.

On this piece of paper,
I watched as the ink of its birth
Slowly dried.
Setting my thought
As a piece of knowledge
In the book of life.

Precious child of my mind,
The apple of its eye.

This is how my concept was born,
Born from my mind’s spirit.
My philosophy within.
Born of my ‘Higher Me’.

My wombing mind is a very personal piece in which I pour out my feelings about my writings, part of the process by which they come to be expressed on paper. I often refer to any piece of writing that I produce as “my baby” (believe me I have a LOT by now), the mind is an extremely fertile entity within a human, that conceives almost anything we want it to. That is the reason why I metaphorically likened creating a concept to a pregnancy and a birth. Never underestimate anything that comes from your mind! It may not always be worded in the right way at times, but the spirit of it, the conception of it, is divine. Simply because it came from you, your “Higher Me”.


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